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Friday 26th October 2018

Sporting Targets Riseley – 9.30 am


Bacon Butties – tea/coffee

50 clays – own cartridges required

(available to purchase on site)


£35 per head

To register please email or call 07714028721



July Update

from Dr Suzanne Turner from Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge

We have been working on a sophisticated approach to studying relapse and refractory B-NHL in the lab. This is known as a CRISPR-Cas9 genome-wide screen where we artificially over-express more than 20,000 genes in a human paediatric B-NHL cell line, producing billions of different cells. These cells are then treated in several different experimental arms including multi-agent chemotherapy to try to determine which genes are leading to resistance to the chemotherapy. The culmination of this long experiment requires deep next generation sequencing. This is where an expert facility reads the DNA sequences of the resistant genes in the cells that survived drug treatment and were able to grow out. We are then able to produce a list of hits that are potentially leading to resistance to chemotherapy. Each of these can then be studied in greater detail to try to develop more targeted therapies for the poor prognosis relapse and refractory cases. This deep genome sequencing is a powerful and expensive technique and your genome grant was particularly helpful in allowing us to carry out this work. The data are still being validated but looks very promising.

What we would now like to be able to do, is to screen the models we have developed for novel drugs – we have done this for a different childhood cancer and have found some potentially interesting novel drugs. The screen consists of over 1000 FDA approved drugs but requires a robot to allow us to conduct this high-throughput technique. At present we are using a robot in another lab but we are outstaying our welcome and need to purchase our own robot. The cost of these is around £50,000 and we are trying to pull together funds from different sources to purchase this.

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